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No. 153: An Unknown, Half-round Bed Lathe

Unknown Lathes Home Page

Resident in France, this is a most unusual lathe with a bed of semicircular section - a design that may well be unique. Of a relatively heavy build and around 100 mm in centre height, the lathe has a compound slide rest assembly fitted with what appear to be professional quality, face-locking micrometer dials.
The carriage will be driven along the bed by a leadscrew running, fully shielded, down the underside of the bed, an adjustable-stroke crank handle being provided at the tailstock end. It is not known if a power feed is fitted, but a slow-speed backgear is certainly not part of the specification.
While many makes of "precision bench lathes" have unusual tailstocks, that on this "unknown" could also be a second unique feature. While has a conventional screw-feed spindle is fitted (complete with a micrometer dial), above and parallel to it is a second bored hole; might this be to provide some sort of sliding positive stop for the spindle travel?