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Unknown Lathe No. 125
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Suggestions are that this might be an early Lang lathe, though none of the writer's early Lang catalogs show such a machine. One clue - though it is, admittedly slight - is the position and shape of the three-position control lever pivoting from a boss on the front face of the bed beneath the headstock; a typical Lang fitting
Although a robust-looking lathe (as were products of the Lang Company), the owner reports that both the cosmetic finish and detailing are poor. The lathe incorporates a number of features from the 1800s including the spindle thrust bearing carried on a pair posts outboard of the left-hand bearing; dog-clutch-engaged power cross feed driven from a power shaft running down the back of the bed; a crank handle to the top-slide feed screw and - a hint of Victorian styling - shape of the front face of the saddle. The tumble-reverse gears are of noticeably small diameter for the size of lathe.
Locked by the crude method of a slot, cut into the casting, being closed down by a screw handle, the tailstock spindle was driven - unaccountably - not by a handwheel in cast iron, but one with five spokes in an expensive bronze.