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Unknown Lathe No. 119

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Although a lathe intended for amateur use, this little lathe has a number of unusual features; these include an enormously long saddle that is not only T-slotted across the rectangular top section, but also on the two front and rear wings that extend outwards to the right - the idea, presumably, being to make the largest and most versatile boring table possible. Able to be set over for the turning of slight tapers, the arrangement of the tailstock is unconventional with, instead of the usual thin sole plate, the section carrying the spindle being able to slide across the whole of the thick lower casting. Not of the usual cheap, split type with screws to set the clearance found on this class of lathe, the headstock spindle bearings might be of the tapered type with adjustment by screwed rings. The leadscrew runs down the centre of the bed and, although no tumble reverse is fitted to the changewheel drive, the lathes does have backgear.