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Unknown Lathe No. 114

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A  relatively small yet geared-head lathe of robust construction, this lathe by an unknown maker may be German in origin. Points of note are the very short bed with only just about enough room to mount a tailstock, a quite massive carriage assembly, a rather English-like flat-topped bed with outside V-edge ways; plain headstock spindle bearings in bronze of the two-bolt cap type, twin V-belt drive to the headstock that passes though a clutch built into the headstock input pulley; the large diameter, fine-pitch leadscrew that might have had, originally, either a dog clutch at its headstock end or, in the same position, a gear to drive a power-feed shaft; a micrometer dial on the cross-feed screw fitted with an non-upsetting, screw-in face lock and a very long-travel top slide.
Might the lathe have been sold as a short-bed version set up for facing or other simple work on a long production run? It's possible, but that sort of "production" lathe was usually also stripped of screwcutting and other non-essential features.

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