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Unknown Lathe No. 101

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Probably dating from the early 1920s, and although of the simplest, plain-turning kind - lacking a slow-speed backgear and with no screwcutting - this little 2.5" x 12" lathe had a proper compound slide rest with a swivelling top slide, a lever-action tailstock and was supplied complete with a hand T-rest for wood turning. However, it had one feature that may be unique - both top and cross slides being equipped with "ways" formed from a single round bar bolted between the inner and outer faces of the side assembly. The feed screws - open and exposed to the wearing effect of swarf and dirt, ran to one side of the bar with the opposite side of the casting appearing to be guided on a square-section way. As was common at the time, the feed screws had, instead of a square thread found on more expensive small lathes, an ordinary Whitworth form and lacked micrometer dials.
Running in plain bearings, split on one side and nipped down by a screw, the headstock spindle carried a 3-step pulley intended for drive by a round leather belt around 1/4" in diameter. Extended beyond the left hand bearing, and threaded for the whole of its exposed length, it's likely that the end of spindle would have been intended to carry a small grinding wheel.

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