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Unknown Lathes - page 10
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Unknown Lathes Home page

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The three photographs below show a lathe by A. Fielding of Keighley, England. It's design would seem to put in the late 1930 to early 1950s, but no other details about the machine, or its maker have been uncovered.
Additional information uncovered by Aron P. Boumans in the Netherlands:
The model is a "Swan"  71/2'' centre height

Swing: in gap 23", over saddle, 10", admit 5'-2" between centres
All geared headstock, 8 speeds 10--380 rpm
Spindle runs on Timken Roller bearings, driving shafts on ball bearings.
Quick change gearbox 32 feeds, 16-224 cpi
Build in electric drive, push button controlled.
A.Fielding & Co. Ltd.
Airedale Works, Bradford Road, Keighley, Yorkshire.