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Stanley Lathes
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Founded in the late 1870s, the Stanley Company was based for many decades in New Bank, Halifax England. They appear to have survived as an independent concern until August, 1979 when Hydro-Matic (Machine Tools) Ltd. - aiming to expand their product range - bought the assets and goodwill and moved into the Stanley works. Hydro-Matic had been founded in 1974 to specialise in Scan-O-Matic continuous-path hydraulic tracer controls for machine tools and, once established in their new factory, developed a new range of lathes, the types HSP, HM, L and LHM.  In addition to their standard ranges, Hydro-matic also offered machines built to a customer's particular requirements while continuing the manufacture of hollow-spindle, large-bore "Oil Country" and sliding-bed lathes (both a long-standing Stanley speciality), T-bed and facing lathes and deep-hole  boring machines. Today Stanley are still trading, now part of the  Broadbent-Stanley Group and making a wide variety of large and interesting machine tools. They remain in the Halifax area, now in their Holmfield Works on Shay Lane.
The catalogue extras below show the range of Stanley lathes as produced from the late 1940s until the 1970s.
Serial numbers: unfortunately detailed information is lacking, though the following is known for both standard and sliding-bed models:
1940.. 541
1943.. 715
1946.. 945
1949.. 1067
1952.. 1198
1955.. 1805
1958.. 2134
1961.. 2426
1964.. 2654
1967.. 2841
1970.. 2978

Manuals & Catalogues are available for Stanley lathes

Page 1 (below): 6, 7 and 8 1/2" lathes

Page 2: Stanley 7" and 81/2" Conventional Lathes continued

Page 3: Early Stanley Sliding-bed Lathes

Page 4: Conventional Stanley Lathes 1960s

Page 5: Late-model Stanley Sliding-bed Lathes

Page 6: Stanley H.S.7 and H.S. 13 Big-bore "Oil Country" Lathes

Believed to date from circa 1945 to 1950 this 6-inch centre height Stanley was the smallest in the Company's range

A 7-inch centre height  Stanley lathe from circa 1948-1950 with a plain-bearing headstock

Although of a decent general specification, the top speed of just 360 r.p.m was, for the era, rather slow. Note the maker's code , a clue as to its position in the range - "Stanplain"

A completely redesigned Stanley, circa 1951-1959, with a Timken taper roller bearing headstock and built with centre heights of 7 and 8.5 inches

Stanley 7-inch and 8.5-inch lathes continued here

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Stanley Page 5    Stanley Page 6

Manuals & Catalogues are available for Stanley lathes
Stanley Lathes
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