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Stehman & Stehman Lathe

Not listed in any known publication as a maker of machine tools, it is likely that the riveted-on badge carried by the American bench precision lathe below would have been that of a dealer or distributor.
Around 15 inches long and with a centre height of approximately 4 inches, the lathe was beautifully constructed with appears to have been bronze used for the headstock and slide-rest castings. With bevelled-edges sides, the flat-topped bed used a central T-slot to locate headstock, tailstock and slide rest - with the latter carried on a base plate constructed in two parts that allowed the whole assembly to be reset across the bed to make full use of the generous centre height. The use of this  arrangement also points to the upper section being designed for a lathe of rather less centre height, and the maker thus offering more than one model.
Almost certainly constricted prior to 1880, the feed screws have small micrometer dials and the lathe has survived with what appears to be most of its original accessories.