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Scott Brothers Lathe

One wonders if Scott Brothers of Keighley might have had a connection with Alfred Scott, of Scott motorcycles. The bikes were built at Saltair, only five miles from the Albion works in Keighley where the machine tools were constructed.
From its design and general appearance the example below would seem to have been made circa 18950 to 1910. With a centre height of around 10-inches, and a capacity between centres of some 60 inches, a rather narrow fixed gap was provided that would have allowed a circle of metal some 36 inches in diameter and 5 inches thick to be turned on a faceplate. Backgeared and screwcutting the lathe had its power sliding and surfacing feeds taken from a shaft at the back of the bed, an old-fashioned arrangement that had largely fallen into disuse on larger lathes by the end of WW1.
If you have a Scott lathe the writer would be interested to hear from you.