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Rahn-Carpenter Lathes - U.S.A.
Pictures of Rahn-Carpenter lathes are sought for this article. If you have catalogs or handbooks for any machine tool made by the company the writer would appreciate hearing from you

Currently trading as "Nebel Machine Tool Corp." (at 3640 Llewellyn Ave., Cincinnati OH 45223. Phone: 513-541-4031) the company has undergone a series of name changes over the years:
1896-1897 - Rahn Lathe Co.
1898-1899 - Rahn & Mayer Co.
1900-1906 - Rahn, Mayer, Carpenter Co.
1907-1910 - Rahn-Carpenter Co.
1911-1941 - Rahn-Larmon Co.
1942 to present - Nebel Machine Tool
From page 73 of Cincinnati "The Queen City" Newspaper Reference Book published in 1914 by the Cuvier Press Club, the then Rahn-Larmon Company was described thus:
Engine, Turret and Gap Lathes.
This business was established in 1897 by Mr. John Rahn, Jr., as The Rahn Lathe Company, afterwards being incorporated as The Rahn-Carpenter Company. Upon Mr. Carpenter's retirement, Mr. Arthur J. Larmon entered actively into the business, assuming the duties of Secretary and Treasurer, with Mr. John Rahn, Jr., as President and General Manager.
The business of manufacturing Engine, Turret and Gap Lathes was started in a very small and modest way at 216 West Pearl street, in a room 20 ft. x 80 ft. dimensions, and at a time when there was a serious business depression, with a small capital and original force of five men, and an output of about two lathes a month. With steady and determined application the business grew until today about one hundred and seventy-five men are employed with an output of about three lathes per day, and a market established in all civilized communities, both here and abroad.
In a later article, entitled "Nebel To Open New Plant; Company Gets Large Order", published in the Cincinnati Enquirer on June 6, 1941, the company was: "incorporated in 1899 as the Rahn Mayer Carpenter Company, and later known as the Rahn-Larmon Company, the Nebel organization adopted its present name about eight months ago."