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Pittler Factory - 1920s
Werkzeug maschinwnfabrik Aktiengesellschaft Leipzip-wahren
Pittler Home Page

By the 1920s Pittler's famous line of trapezoidal bed precision lathes was no longer and the Company were concentrating on their successful line of capstan production machines built as "Revolver" types. These strong and durable lathes differed from what might be termed the conventional capstan  type in having their indexing tool turret mounted at 90 to the bed instead of parallel with it.
The pictures below show the factory as it appeared during the late 1800s and 1920s - their publication being in a booklet dated 1930.

Hauptwerke der Pittler-Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft, Leipzig-Wahren

Assembly line - probably moving away from the camera position with the lathes carried on what might be wheel-equipped trolleys

Parts manufacture: a jungle of belts driven from line shafting supplying power to Pittler "Revolver" capstan lathes

Larger Pittler "Revolver" capstan lathes. Note the deep windows and lack of artificial lighting -  typical of factories built before the 1940s

Planer Department. The machine in the foreground is an open-sided type with the job mounted on a platform to the side of the traversing head; however, it may be a purpose-built slideway grinder with what appears to be a dust-extraction tube snaking across the front of the transverse beam. As the machines are all equipped with integral drive systems, this obviating the need for a line-shaft drive system so allowing the roof to be largely glass panelled

Another view of the Planer Department - probably taken from the other end

Capstan lathes down each side of the hall with hand-fitting stations (equipped with rather fine, round-bar vices) down the centre

Pittler "Revolver" turret lathes being used to make - Pittler "Revolver" turret lathes

Department equipped with light horizontal milling machines

Heat-treatment Department

Drawing Office