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a completely re-worked example fitted
with an effective home-made capstan unit
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Extensively re-worked as a centre lathe (to a very high standard) this Myford ML2 has also been fitted with a very compact and effective capstan attachment. In addition to making the capstan head, the builder, Alan Suttie, completely reconstructed the headstock to take roller bearings and mounted a stiff apron with reduction gearing between the carriage handwheel and rack. The tailstock, a notoriously weak point on these lathes, has received considerable attention with the addition of a much stiffer side plate and other modifications. Unusually, the cross slide is larger than that normally found on an ML2 or ML4, but was supplied with the lathe when new; it has been improved by the addition of a 4-bolt end plate and a zeroing micrometer dial of a decent, easily-read size. A built-on countershaft system, complete with clutch, completes a most impressive conversion