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Metba Universal Precision
Milling Machines - Page 2
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If any reader has a Metba, the writer would be interested to hear from you

Attached to the end of the standard vertical head, the Universal Multi-angle Head Ref: 23400 was designed to tackle machining into tight corners, typically on dies and similar jobs. 12 speeds were available, from 65 to 3000 r.p.m. with the spindle end accepting collets to take cutters in diameters of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 mm

Intended for particularly small, awkward work and driven by a 0.55 kW motor, the self-contained Universal Angle Head Ref: 22900 had 3 speeds of 200, 4000 and 5600 r.p.m.

Standard vertical head, driven from the horizontal spindle. Also shown is the 170 mm x 170 Precision Compound Table, Ref. 22800, fitted to the Dividing Unit Ref. 32100. With 100 mm of travel in X and Y directions, the use of DTIs, the ability to take a number of indexing plates and be rotated through 360-degree in a horizontal plane (and partial inclination), this combination was intended for the machining of small, complex components.

300 mm Rotary Table Ref. 22300 Type 1

Dividing Unit with Overarm Ref. 32100. With a 100 mm centre height the assembly could accept 250 mm between centres

300 mm Rotary Table with optical reader Ref. 22300 Type 1

305 mm Rotary table Ref. 22300 Type 2 with 12 mm radial T-slots and conventional micrometer dials with verniers

Special Centring Microscope Ref. B-2110 with a cross-hair optical screen that allowed readings down to 0.002 mm. A 6 volt, 4 W bulb was fitted.

Alignment tool with extension bars. The maximum diameter that could be checked was 480 mm

Alignment Tool Ref. A-2199 with dovetail slide and dial indicator that achieved  accuracy setting down to 0.002 mm

Standard Centring Microscope Ref. C-2110 with readings down to 0.003 mm

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Metba Universal Precision Milling Machines - Page 2