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Mann Lathe - U.S.A.

Little known, and now very rare, Mann lathes were built by the short-lived (1885 - 1905) Charles A. Mann Company of Providence, Rhode Island. The example shown below, 6-inch centre height and 24-inches between centres, was of utterly conventional design with a decently wide and deep bed with four sets of V-ways , two for the tailstock and a separate pair for the long saddle - the latter able to be spanned past the headstock and so bring the centrally positioned cross slide right up to the spindle nose. As was common on similar, lower-priced machines, only a cross slide was offered as standard, the assembly being arranged (as was the fashion for a time in the late 1800s) with a hinge at the back that allowed the front to be elevated for coarse setting of the cutting tool. As this introduced a lot of unnecessary flexibility for very little gain, the idea was soon abandoned.
Power cross-feed was fitted, engaged by a push-pull knob with a direct mechanical drive, there being no clutch to soften the engagement or act as a safety override.
Although offered with treadle-driven flywheel assembly, the example below lacks a hole in its headstock-end leg to accommodate this and would have been driven from either a separate wall or ceiling-mounted countershaft, or a factory's roof-fitted line shafting.
Should you have a Mann lathe, or any publicity literature featuring the company, the writer would be interested to hear from you.