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Malick & Walkows Millers

One of many types of milling machine produced by the well-known German Company of Malick & Walkows, (believed to have been manufactured in Berlin-Marienfelde) the first machiner shown below is a 1940-built horizontal type that looks to have been a very carefully designed, well-built and thoroughly workmanlike little machine. It was available with a plain (non-quill feed) vertical head and, instead of being a round bar, as on so many contemporary light millers, the overarm was properly dovetailed into the full width of the main body and locked with two heavy bolts pulling up against pronounced bosses. The table was provided with a deep recess between the T-slots and the edge, helping to funnel coolant back into the storage tank which was formed in the bottom part of the column casting. Longitudinal travel was by both screw feed and a quick-action rack - the latter operated through a lever of extraordinary length; the bolts used to lock the knee position were at the extreme top and bottom of the casting and fitted with man-sized handles. The spindle was driven by a 4-speed belt drive from a Siemens 2-speed,  3-phase motor.
The second Malick and Walkows machine shown, in green, is resident in Switzerland, was built in 1958 and carries the serial number 11893. Found in well-used condition, it has been properly rebuilt and is now in full working order and proving to be of great strength - it's versatility aid by a useful, compound, double-swivel vertical head sold by the makers as the "Mk.4" model.
If you have a Malick & Walkows machine tool, or any company advertising literature, the writer would be interested to hear from you.
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