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Powermatic Logan Montgomery Ward 700
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Once under the control of the Houdaille Industries Inc., the Logan range was consolidated into 11, 12 and 14-inch models. The 11-inch were listed as the Type 1900, the 12-inch as the 2500 and the 14-inch as the 6565. All were available as ordinary engine lathes or equipped for production work with the fitting of a six-station bed-mounted capstan unit and a screw-operated cut-off/forming slide mounted on the otherwise standard carriage; as the production parts were add-ons it meant that the lathe could be changed quickly from one form to the other.
Mounted on a double-plinth sheet-metal stand the Powermatic Logan 11-inch had a flame-hardened bed with two prismatic V and two flat ways that was 6 15/16" wide. Centre height was 5.5" and the capacity between centres a useful 35" - though no gap was provided nor was one offered as an option.

Montgomery Ward 700