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Leiman Bros. Lathe

Almost certainly not manufactured by the "Complete Shop Outfitters" who were Leiman Bros. of 62 DL John Street, New York, the simple 8-inch swing plain-turning lathe shown below would have been bought in. Advertised in February 1915, who the maker was is unknown, but the lathe does bear a passing resemblance to the simpler ones from the German maker Boley--though it is much more likely to have been of American manufacture.
Interestingly, the seller offered "
All sorts of attachments supplied at slight extra expense" thus hinting that the lathe might well have been the product of an established rather than a one-man-and-a-boy company. What a pity that the accessories are not listed, together with their prices, for a good slide rest assembly, of the compounded type, might well have added 50% or more to the price - hardly a "slight extra expense".