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Leavitt Lathe

Not really intended for general work but a specialised machine for reseating the valves of internal combustion engines, the Leavitt was manufactured by the Leavitt Machine Company and marked: Dexter Valve Reseating Machine, Orange, Massachusetts. With a V-way at the front and a flatat the back, bed was 22.25" long and carried a headstock  fitted with, rather surprisingly, a 3-inch 3-jaw chuck branded "Leavitt". If the chuck really was manufactured by the Company it points to a serious commitment to volume production - for these are not the easiest of things to tool up for and manufacture.
Of utmost simplicity, the  tailstock was equipped with a plain bar that ended in a supporting centre. Also unexpected,  instead of a single swivelling tool slide the Leavitt was fitted with a proper compound slide rest assembly and, although the pictures are not clear enough to confirm the fact, this appears to have been mounted on a base slide whose position must have been adjusted by hand. On the first example  shown below the cross-slide handwheel is from a Sherline.
It order to reduce speed to a level suitable for valve finishing, the headstock drive was equipped with a simple, one-stage gear reduction, through this fitting  is missing from the second example shown.
Should any reader have a Leavitt lathe, the writer would be interested to hear from you.

The Leavitt lathe - picture from