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Kosmos Model M Lathe

Manufactured during the late 1940s by Franckh Kosmos Verlags GmbH & Co. KG (a Company that still exists selling scientific experiment kits and books) the "Kosmos" lathe was, for a simple, single bar-bed machine, available with an unusually wide range of useful accessories. Items listed included a grindstone rest to the left of the headstock spindle; a screw-feed compound slide rest that lacked micrometer dials; a vertical milling slide with just one T-slot in its table; a hand T-rest for wood turning and a spindle draw tube to retain arbors and wood-drive centres.
With a centre height of 90 mm the Kosmos accepted 300 mm between centres and had an overall length of 450 mm.

The Kosmos set up with a compound slide rest and 3-jaw chuck for light-duty metal turning

Kosmos with the milling slide in position

Kosmos with the hand T-rest for wood-turning work