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Michael Kamph Model S 1V Tool & Cutter Grinder

Kamph FK1 Die and Mould Copy Milling Machine
A catalogue is available for the Kamph tool & cutter grinder

Michael Kamph KG of Bad Homburg V.D.H., in Germany, were manufacturers of specialised, high-precision machine tools. By the 1960s their range of products included die and mould copy milling machines types FK1, FK2a, FK3, the Model B 111 engraving machine, the A 111 SUPRA geometric lathe, Model SL 1 cutter grinder and lapper, a medallion ruling machine the Model C 111, the Model SP 18 column pantograph, a rubber roller engraving machine the WG1, a step-and-repeat machine the H111, a tranfer press TP 1 and, the subject of this short description, the S  1V tool and cutter grinder.
Very similar in design and function to the better-known Deckel SO and SOE types (though a little larger and heavier), the compact and self-contained, the S 1V was powered by an enclosed, 0.2 kW (0.4 h.p.) motor running at 2800 r.p.m. with the grinding wheel spindle, driven by a small V-belt, rotating at 4750 r.p.m. To hold workpieces - slot drills, multi-faceted end mills, reamers and similar cutters - the work head was fitted with a 24-position indexing spindle bored to accept No.2 Morse taper shank cutters. Parallel shank cutters were held in collets (compressed by a screw-on nose-cap), the largest of which had a bore of 24 mm (15/16"),  The workhead was arranged to move, by a crank-handle equipped feedscrew, though 80 mm (3.125") - this being the maximum length of grind that could be managed. In order to set the grinding radius (the maximum was 20) the head could be moved laterally across the arm, again by a screw fitted with a small, full-circle handwheel.
Other settings - cutting angles of up to 45 and clearance to the grinding wheel of up to 160 mm (6.375") - were achieved by the arm being mounted on a boss fitted with a double swivel housing, the housing itself able to be driven along a slideway, set parallel to the base, by a fine-feed screw fitted with a micrometer dial that allowed settings as fine as 0.01 mm (0.0004") to be achieved.
To summarise the working and clamping capacity of the Kampf S 1V:
Maximum cutting angle: 45
Maximum radius: 20 mm (0.75")
Maximum grinding length: 80 mm (0.75")
Maximum clearance: 160 mm (6.375")
Axial adjustment of dividing head 150 mm (6")
Axial movement of grinding spindle: 30 mm (1.1875")
The machine was 700 mm (28") long, 450 mm (18") wide, 630 mm (25") tall and weighed a considerable 65 kg (140 lbs)..

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