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House Lathe

Manufactured by Douglas House Ltd. of 43-45a Mitcham Lane in Streatham, London and advertised for a short time during late 1948 and early 1949, the House lathe was not the first to have its headstock formed using an electric motor - nor the last. From contemporary illustrations, it appears that House almost certainly used the 3 : 7s : 6d motor and stand unit advertised by D.R.Welch of Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London S.W.15 as the basis of the machine - the necessary bed being constructed from 18" of ground steel bar socketed into the cast aluminum box underneath the motor.
With a centre height of just 2.5" and a capacity between centres of 14" the capacity of the lathe was limited, and its usefulness not enhanced by the tailstock the spindle of which (with a hardened point) lacked screw feed and had, instead, to be pushed in and out by hand.
Supplied with the lathe was a 1/4" chuck (probably of the Jacobs drill type), an adjustable T-rest,  a 4" faceplate and a 3" grindstone with the necessary spindle nose adapter. Priced at 8 : 4s ; 0d including postage, it was, like so many of its kind (with its limited capacity and too simple design),  quickly forgotten.