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To improve the Machine Tool Archive, I'm always looking for pictures of interesting items - whether that interest is their unusual design, or just their condition. Of course, condition can sometimes be just as interesting when a machine is a neglected, rusty wreck as it can when superbly restored, or in a perfect, unmolested ex-factory specification. So don't be shy about sending what you have….

Articles about your use of machine tools - or their repair or restoration - time spent working in the machine-tool industry or trade, or family connections to the trade and the stories associated with it. The text does not have to be as a finished article, just simple notes and observations can be woven into an articles, so don't be shy about offering to help.

When sending phtographs, it's helpful to have: pictures of the whole machine from several angles - as well as individual, close-up  pictures of the main parts which each taken from several slightly different angles from the front, sides and rear.

If at all possible a blanked-out or plain background to the  photographs - card or cloth is ideal - would be an invaluable help in improving  the display quality of the pictures.

Close-up pictures of small parts like micrometer dials, handles, gears, locking screws, degree engravings, etc., would also be very useful

If the photographs can be sent at a high resolution - 2 to 5 MB each or larger, that allows me to crop and play with them. If you have trouble sending them by email, have you come across the program ? It's really handy and the free version works perfectly. Just click on the box that appears on the left of the screen - there no need to sign on - and attach the files. Up to a total of 2 Gig can be sent at once.

We do receive a high volume of emails, and should you not receive a reply within a day, do please phone to let me know you've sent them on: 01298-871633
From the USA, Canada, Australia: 011-44-1298-871633
Other countries generally: 00-44-1298-871633

My thanks,  Tony     email: