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EMTOC Jig Borer and Co-ordinate Drilling Machine

Manufactured by Grisetti in Italy, a firm better known for their grinding machine, the EMTOC jig borer was a design typical of the types as also offered by companies such as Moore, Perrin, Vernon and some early models by SIP and Hauser. Mounted on a very heavy plinth in cast iron, the borer employed a typical-of-the-type - and hence rigidly mounted - non-elevating table with a rise-and-fall head. With 20 inches of longitudinal travel and 8.5 inches in traverse, the 26.75" x 11" table had all-hand feed by fine-thread screws, the micrometer dials being large and long locking handles fitted to each direction of travel.
With a No.2 Morse taper nose the spindle had a quill travel of 4 inches with control by both a fine-feed handwheel through worm-and-wheel gearing and a lever-operated, rack-and-pinion, quick-action drilling feed. The whole head could be moved up and down on its ways through 8 inches. The maximum clearance between the table and spindle nose was 14 inches and from the spindle axis to the column slides 9.25 inches.
Spindle speeds, driven by a 3-phase motor of unknown power, ranged from 350 to 2800 r.p.m. with the stated maximum drilling capacity in cast iron being 3/4".
Should you be able to help with more details of this jig borer, the writer would be very interested to know.