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Larger Drummond Lathes - an Early Model

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With a centre height of around 6 inches and a between capacity of perhaps 36 inches, this backgeared and screwcutting Drummond lathe must be on the companies earlier models. The design of the drive employed to drive the two screwcutting leadscrews - one for screwcutting the other to drive the power cross feed) followed typical Drummond practice of a single shaft extending down the bed to drive, at the operator's choice by sliding a gear along the shaft, either of the two screws.
While pointers to its age include a relatively light build and a spindle with its end thrust taken by a plate mounted on posts outboard of the left-hand spindle bearings, other parts of the lathe are more in keeping with designs from around 1895 onwards. The apron was fully enclosed with no exposed gears, a large, full-circle handwheel was fitted to the apron in place of a crank handle, tumble-reverse was incorporated in the changewheel drive and a useful boring table provided with numerous T-slots set - in typical Drummond fashion - pointing inwards along the left and right-hand sides but not meeting across the full width of the slide..