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Crown Watchmakers' Lathe

Little known, and infrequently encountered, this "Geneva" pattern watchmakers' lathe may well have been from a reputable manufacturer - Lorch Schmidt, Wolf,Jahn, Star, Boley or Leinen - but of a poorer quality than their usual products and re-badged for the price-sensitive end of the market. This type of lathe was often sold, before 1940, through the larger dealers such as George Adams of London and, if of at least reasonable quality, might have been described as "all-hard" - a reference to a hardened steel headstock spindle running in either hardened steel or bronze bearings.
In this case the "Crown" lathe is almost certainly a Lorch Schmidt and, for comparison, a genuine example is shown at the bottom of the page. If you have a Crown lathe, a Lorch Schmidt. or any knowledge of the manufacturer, the writer would be pleased to hear from you..

A genuine Lorch Schmidt watchmakers' lathe