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KBC Claesson Elite Lathe - Sweden

Manufactured in Sweden by B.Claesson in the town of Huddinge to the SSW of Stockholm, the "Elite" bench lathe looks to have been of around 125 mm centre height and taking 375 mm between centres. The lathe was fitted with a metric screwcutting gearbox divided into two parts, one towards the front of the lathe, the other to the rear. Each box had its own tumbler selector arm, though on the lathe illustrated each arm has been snapped off. Backgeared, the Claesson had a very wide, flat-topped bed with V-edge sides.
Driven by an all-V-belt countershaft, initial drive from the motor was by a two-step pulley and then to the headstock over one with three steps. Combined with backgear, this would have given a useful six speeds spanning something 40 t. 850 r.p.m. From the appearance of a handle protruding through the front face of the headstock-end foot, it seems that the countershaft - as on the first Boxford lathes - had the handy facility of being moved in and out the slacken and tighten the belt for speed changes.
If you have a lathe or other machine tool by B. Claesson, the writer would be interested to have details and photographs..