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Canma Cam-forming Machine ML4
- forms the cams used on Swiss-auto lathes -

A specialised, Spanish-made machine intended for one use only: to form the cams used on Swiss-auto type lathes that control the various travels and speeds of movement of slideways and cutting tools. Built along the lines of a lathe, the Canma had, instead of a headstock, a slotting head, this being the primary means of shaping the periphery of a cam. The cutting tool was arranged to move rapidly up and down while the cam was automatically turned on its vertical axis and also advanced is such a way that the correct curvature was obtained. When cams made of harden steel had to be made, the makers offered a complete, self-motorised grinding attachment, this consisting of a grinding wheel holder, 0.25 h.p. motor, a motor mounting plate, pulleys and electrical control gear.
If sets of identical "plate cams" were required a further accessory was offered - as was an attachment for making bell-shaped cams.