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Boxford 4.5" Precision Plain-turning Lathe - Page 2
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A detailed Manual & Parts List is available for all Boxford lathes.
We also manufacture changewheels and many other spares

The special bench-mounted, ball-bearing countershaft supplied for use with the Precision Plain-turning Boxford

Two drive systems were offered: the first was used in conjunction with what appears to have been a quite ordinary sheet-steel Boxford cabinet stand fitted with a rear-drive countershaft. However, there the similarity ended, for instead of plain bearings, the countershaft spindle ran in roller races and the two-step V-belt drive from the motor was fitted with pulleys whose steps were widely different in size - the larger of the pair on the countershaft appearing to be greater in diameter than that on the pulley. The result was a speed range that (assuming a 1425 r.p.m. motor) must have run up to beyond 2800 r.p.m.

Another view of the rear-drive countershaft assembly

Headstock spindle pulley

Countershaft pulley with one of its caged roller bearings

A bench-mounted Boxford precision plain-turning lathe. This example has lost
its rear-drive countershaft and is driven, instead, from an overhead unit.

As there was no carriage feed along the bed, there was not need for the tailstock to
have a separate base plate to allow it to be set-over for the turning of slight tapers.

The circle of indexing holes drilled into the face of the largest headstock pulley