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Beijer SG-1 Surface Grinder

Made in Sweden, the Geijer Model SG-1 surface grinder was a simple but effective little machine intended to tackle small jobs and so free up larger grinders for work appropriate to their size.
With three T-slots, the 240 x 420 mm table was ground-finished and able to mount work up to 250 mm high. Able to be swung around the 120 mm diameter column, the arm holding the head rotated on an internal axle and was supported on a pair of conical cylindrical bearings..
Built neatly into the arm - but then very expensive to repair -  the motor was normally offered as 1.7 h.p., 2800 r.p.m. 220/380 Volt, 3-phase type - through with others available to special order. Vertical adjustment of the head was by a hardened and ground screw running through a split nut that could be adjusted to compensate for wear.
Able to be zeroed, the micrometer dial could be had with English or metric graduations, the former reading to 0.0005" and the latter 0.01 mm.
Vertical thrust was taken by a heavy-duty, double-ball race, the standard-fit 150 x 51 x 51 mm grinding wheel being mounted on an easily-changed tapered and keyed hub with, for safety, the grinding wheel cover in a shatter-proof nodular iron
The distance from the centre of the column to the spindle axis of the wheel was 400 mm, the machine's overall length 765 mm, the height 975 mm, the width 525 mm and the net weight 190 kg.
Offered at extra cost were a 250 x 150 mm magnetic table, a selection of grinding wheels for different materials, a diamond dressing unit and - surprisingly not fitted as standard - a leather bellows to protect the column..