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Becker Milling Machines U.S.A.

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From the web site and Jeff Joslin, we learn the following: Becker machine tools were first built by one John Becker who founded, in 1889, the John Becker Manufacturing Co. in Boston, MA - his first products being vertical millers. In 1891 the firm moved to Fitchburg, MA, and subsequently, in 1899, merged with the the Brainard Milling Machine Co. in 1899 to form the Becker-Brainard Milling Machine Co.
In 1903, John Becker retired from the Becker-Brainard and formed a new company, the Becker Milling Machine Co. In 1908 he took over the operations of the Becker-Brainard Milling Machine Co. and in 1914 turned over management of the company to his son, John Becker, Jr., By 1919 he had sold his interest in the company which, in 1922, the was merged into the lathe makers Reed-Prentice Co., who continued to produce Becker milling machines.

August 1908 Machinery.
Becker Milling Machine Co., Hyde Park, Mass., has taken over the business of the Becker-Brainard Milling Machine Co. and will continue under the management of Mr. John Becker, whose practical experience in the design and development of the Becker Milling Machine has placed him among the foremost mechanics of the day. Many changes and improvements have been made in the plant, carrying out Mr. Becker's ideas and making it virtually the successor of the business which he started in Boston fifteen years ago and afterwards successfully built up in Fitchburg.

1908-08-06 The Iron Trade Review.
Milling Machine Transfer--The Becker Milling Machine Co. has taken over the business of the Becker-Brainard Milling Machine Co., Hyde Park,.Mass, with John Becker, formerly of the John Becker Mfg. Co., Fitchburg, Mass., as its active head and manager. Several important improvements on the vertical type of milling machines are already placed on the market by the new company and orders have been booked from the government works.

The Massachusetts corporate registry database lists Becker Milling Machine Co.'s first registration as 1916-12-01.
American Milling Machine Builders: 1820-1920 by Kenneth L. Cope, 2007 Pgs. 19 & 20

Becker vertical milling machine of the type originally driven by a flat belt passing over a pair of jockey pulleys at the rear of the column. This example is in the UK.

An interesting, early-pattern Becker horizontal milling machine with fixed table and gear-driven elevating head. With flat belts unable to transmit decent amounts of power without being either abnormally wide or run at speed, Becker's solution was to use a gear-driven spindle. Supported at both end, the overarm and cutter arbor were, for the time, a most rigid assembly.

Front view of outboard support for overarm and cutter arbor

Rear of overarm and arbor support

Spindle-head bearings

Front of spindle head

Table feed mechanism: a design used on many makes and types of milling machine for decades the drive
came from a flat-belt 4-step come pulley and through worm-and-wheel reduction gearing

Table-feed pulley set and drive gearing

Table-feed mechanism with guards in place

Table-feed engagement lever and operating rod

Head elevation handwheel and micrometer dial

Coolant tank built into the base of the support column

Vertical feed depth stop

Cover over spindle  drive gear

Becker Page 2   Becker No. 2 Vertical   Becker No. 25

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Becker Milling Machines U.S.A.