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Åsbrink Lathe Type BS111
- a copy of the South Bend "9-inch" -

Manufactured in Sweden, probably during the 1950s, the Åsbrink was a near clone of the well-known American South Bend "9-inch".  Åsbrink was not alone in producing a copy of this lathe, but one of around twenty others, from several different countries who were to manufacturing them from the 1940s until the 1970s. These various clones are listed (and described via hyperlinks) on the pages devoted to the original South Bend version.
Shown below in the publicity literature is a machine equivalent to the South Bend Model C - that is, a basic version with screwcutting by changewheels and lacking power cross feed. Although an Åsbrink has been found to South Bend Model A specification with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed, was a conversion as the gearbox carries a South Bend label and is of the inch-screwcutting type with the front section of the leadscrew covered by a modern guard. Hence, it is uncertain if the Company ever did offer other than the standard version - or even a "Model B" with power cross feed.
With a 5-inch (125 mm) centre height and 42 inches (1000 mm) between centres as a long-bed model, the Åsbrink had a slightly greater capacity than the standard South Bend. The bed was cast with integral feet and included, built-in below the headstock, an electrical switch. Like the South Bend, the separate, quick-release countershaft used a V-belt from the motor running over a 2-step flat pulley; final drive to the headstock was by a 4-step V-pulley, this arrangement giving - when run from a 1400 r.p.m. 1/2 h.p. motor and including backgear - 16 speeds from 45 to 1100 r.p.m.
Unlike many examples of the South Bend 9-inch where the spindle ran direct in the cast iron of the headstock (the free graphite of the latter giving the assembly a very long and reliable life), the Åsbrink was fitted with bronze bearings, split on one side and closed down by a compression bolt.
Instead of the 18 D.P., 14.5-degree pressure angle changewheels used on the South Bend, those on the Åsbrink  were of metric MOD specification with a 20° pressure angle.
An example of the Åsbrink is being restored in Norway and, when finished, will be displayed here.
If you have any machine tool made by Åsbrink, the writer would be interested to know - and to feature it in the Archive.

An Asbrink to Model A specification - though this may well be a conversion as
the gearbox carries a South Bend label and is of the inch-screwcutting type