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For Sale
Meddings MB4 "Backgeared" 10-speed Drill

For Sale: A superb Meddings MB4 drilling machine with 10 speeds from 80 to 4000 r.p.m. High speeds are belt driven, the low speeds through a torque-enhancing, oil-immersed gearbox - giving the machine great versatility and the ability to drill from tiny to large holes - the stated capacity in steel being 7/8". No 2 Morse taper spindle to take chucks of direct-fitting drill bits. The table is unmarked and comes complete with a "Nippy" machine vice and a 0.5 h.p. single-phase, UK-made Gryphon motor with a push-button starter. Light amateur use only so in perfect order. £750 Phone: 07968-368356 (Maidenhead)

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