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For Sale
Dore Westbury Milling Machine and
Kerry Bench Drill

For Sale:  Dore Westbury Mk 1 Milling Machine. This highly versatile, swivelling ram-head miller has had very little use. It's in good condition with an unmarked table and a No.2 Morse taper spindle with a Myford thread and a draw bar - allowing the fitting of a 3-jaw chuck, etc. The quill has both fine down feed by a handwheel and a quick-action lever for drilling Complete with the proper large-capacity vice, a 10 mm No. 2 Morse taper drill chuck and key and, most unusually, has the full cast belt cover. Single-phase motor. £695. Phone 07785-540398 (Salisbury) for further information.
Details of the Dore Westbury miller can be found here

SOLD: Kerry Super 8 Mk.2 backgeared bench drill with 8 speeds from 82 to 3000 r.p.m.- the slow-speed backgear allows holes up to 20 mm in diameter to be drilled. This is a British -made machine with a No.2 Morse taper spindle and a 16 mm chuck and key. Mounted on a purpose-made stand, so easily split for transport or bench mounting. This drill is not in the first flush of youth, but has had a relatively quiet life for the last 25 years in my DIY workshop. There are some marks on the adjustable tableā€¦ but not by me. Single-phase Brook Gryphon 0.5 hp motor with an emergency stop button. £175.00
Details of Kerry drills here

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