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A Guide to Advertising a Machine Tool

As I no longer buy, restore and sell machine tools - I use my 40 years experience of doing so to help people get the best price - I'm the poacher turned gamekeeper....

Here is some advice about selling that I hope you will find helpful. It's rather long, but does try to cover all possibilities. It's given freely without any obligation.

Today, it really helps to have some clear, close-up high-resolution pictures of a machine that has been cleaned down and with odds and ends removed from around or on it to give as clear a view as possible. Even better, try to set the item against a plain background or, if this is not possible and the background is very untidy, blank it out with a large sheet, a piece of cardboard - or similar.

Take a picture of the whole machine from the front; a picture from 45-degrees left and another from 45 degrees right. Next, include close-up pictures of the main parts - anything that looks important -  straight on and from both left and right. Open any hinged covers and photograph the inside.

Pictures of accessories and tools removed from cupboards, drawers and shelves are very importation for adding value. Lay them out on a table or floor and photograph in small groups.

Pictures around 1MB in size are ideal as they are of a high enough resolution to show important details.

If you would like to use my site to advertise you can do so yourself here: or, if unsure about doing that, phone me on 01298-871633 for advice and to discuss what you'd like to and you can then email the pictures to me at .

The adverts appear here in two places: and here and, with pictures, here:

In addition, it's likely that an article about your make and model of machine will be in my Machine Tool Archive A link to this will also be included (this is often helpful to potential buyers in explaining exactly what they are looking at).

It's normally assumed that potential buyers will call to inspect the machine, negotiate a price and either pay in cash, do an internet banking direct transfer (bank-to-bank or using PayPal accounts) or leave a cheque to be cleared through your bank.

The cost of advertising is modest: for a 6-month run for each significant machine it's a one-off payment of 45.60 including VAT or, for items under 225, 14.40 including VAT.

I take no commission; I offer advice as to what you have, its likely selling price; and trim and optimise the photographs if necessary; write, if needed, a complete technical description; identify all the accessories and attachments and post the material on the various web pages.

If you are asked a technical or other question by a potential buyer that you cannot answer, refer them to me and I'll try to reply on your behalf.

Do phone 01298-871633 if you would like to discuss any points or need any help.

Payment for advertising can be by credit or debit card, cheque, postal order, bank transfer or PayPal.

My thanks,

Tony Griffiths

As our email load is overwhelming, should you not have received a reply within 48 hours, please do phone: 01298-871633   From overseas: +44-1298-871633   From The USA and Canada: 011-44-1298-871633
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