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Unknown Lathes No. 50
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Built circa 1880 to 1900, this American-manufactured backgeared and screwcutting is absolutely typical of the period. Almost certainly a less-expensive "jobbing" model for use in repair shops rather than production, instead of the usual deep gap formed by curving the bed downwards as it approached the headstock, this lathe is unusual for the period in having a straight bed. Using V and flat ways - and rather wide and reasonable deep - its sole failing was a paucity of stiffening webs between the inner walls. Other signs of cost-cutting are the typical lack of a swivelling top slide (no doubt on the extras list) and a leadscrew with a fine-pitch thread of 55 or 60-degrees (instead of square) section thread.
This is not the only example of the make to be found, others do turn up from time to time so the maker must have been reasonably well established.