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Myford Milling Attachments
L.W. Staines and the "Big Swing"

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L.W. Staines engineering built their vertical milling attachment it is believed, during the 1960s. A rare accessory, relatively few can have been sold, those users appear to like it and claim that it functions admirably. A well made unit, it was probably cheaper than the competing  Amolco and Rodney types with, like the latter, the drive being taken from the lathe spindle - in this case by the simple expedient of gripping a round bar in a 3-jaw chuck instead of the complex moulded plastic insert coupling of the Rodney. The throat - the distance from spindle line to the inner face of the swing housing - was 3.5" and the head assembly could be tilted through 90 each side of vertical. Drive was by a toothed belt, this passing over a pair of jockey pulleys at the rear of the unit that gave some provision for tension adjustment; the spindle, running in ball races, was fitted with a No. 2 Morse taper socket, took an M10 or 3/8" draw bar and (sensibly), had the same 1.125" x 12 t.p.i. nose used on the lathe.
With 70 mm of travel, the quill was operated by the simplest of mechanisms - a boss attached to its lower end being threaded and moved by a vertical screw carried on the side of the main casting. The tilt feature (a unique fitting on this class of accessory) was quick and easy to use with just two bolts on the earlier units and three on the later, to slacken and retighten.
One limitation was the limited clearance between spindle nose and T-slotted cross slide, this being in the order of just 3.5".

An. A.W. Staines vertical milling attachment mounted on a Super 7. The Amolco unit, at the tailstock end of the bed, is in place for comparison purposes

Plan view showing the top toothed belt drive pulley and drive downfeed wheel

Vertical milling attachment by L.W.Staines

Above: earlier "2-bolt" Staines unit

The rare kit-built "Big Swing" attachment