Finished & Used for 3 Years: Now For Sale

So that was it. I bought K81121 in September 2005 and used it for all sorts of jobs right up until December 2008 and it has now been replaced by a much bigger Lathe and is up for sale.

I had a lot of fun (and expense!) rebuilding it and using it, and it has stood me in good stead for many tasks. It has been accurate, quiet, and a pleasure to use. If I had more room I would keep it, but a single garage that already has a Bridgeport Mill, a J&S 540 Surface Grinder, a Colchester Lathe, a 4x6 bandsaw, 2 workbenches, and bench grinders, not to mention all the tooling, just does not make for enough room.

As you will have seen from the rebuild story it has been thoroughly and very comprehensively rebuilt, almost to every last nut and bolt, using original parts where available. What hasn't been shown is the myriad of other new parts used, from way wipers to rubber countershaft seals to adjusting screws and locknuts, and plain and woodruff keys, or the work that goes into alignment, verification, and checks for accuracy, but it's all been done. It has probably been used at least once a week for 3 years, and has been well cared for and not abused, and will easily last another lifetime in a new owners hands. It has now been oiled up and moved out of the garage and into the shed for storage, and ideally I would like to sell it by the summer.

Below are the last pictures of the Myford as it was moved out of my garage workshop, complete with grubby fingerprints as it wasn't specially cleaned for these pictures, and following those are a list & pictures of the tooling and accessories it will be sold with.

Price and contact details are at the bottom of the page.






Tooling & Accessories List

4” 3 Jaw Burnerd Chuck, c/w Inside, outside, & soft jaws, with key
5” 4 Jaw Independent Chuck, with key
Spare Backplate, threaded for Myford 11/8” x 12 TPI
9” Faceplate
4” Catchplate with Drive Peg

Myford Patent Collets, sizes: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”
Myford Collet Spindle Nose Nut (+ spare)
Myford Collet Closer & Extractor Tool

1 x Hard MT2 Tailstock Centre
1 x Soft MT2 Headstock Centre
1 x Revolving MT2 Tailstock Centre

Travelling Steady with brass fingers
Fixed steady with brass fingers

Myford 4-way Toolpost (original single post is also on Lathe)

MT2 Jacobs 1BA Drill Chuck, capacity ¼”
MT2 Large Drill Chuck, capacity 5/8” / 16mm

Spherical turning tool for cross-slide mounting, for concave & convex cuts. This was made on the ML7 and utilises a taper roller bearing pivot. Will make balls and hemispheres.

Carbide turning tools, incl.
L/H turning tool
R/H turning tool
Turning and Facing tool
Screwcutting tool
Parting-off tool

Original 1968 Myford Operating manual
Myford re-printed Manual (2006)

Original Myford Lathe Cover
New Pattern Myford Oil Gun (no leaks!)

US made 0-1” Micrometer
US made 1-2” Micrometer
UK John Bull Dial Gauge

Full and Complete set of all Change Gears + extras - see list with picture


Change Gears for Imperial & Metric Screwcutting
Full and complete set, incl. 2 x 21 tooth gears for Metric threads
The items shown in the picture are additional to those already on the Lathe.
Approximately half the gears have a duplicate/spare.

In addition, there is the essential shortened ‘Z’ allen key for use with the backgear to lock and unlock the socket head cap screw, and a spare gear retainer bush.



K81121 is for sale for £1300. That's actually less than the the original cost of the Lathe plus all the parts that have gone into it, and doesn't make any cost allowance for my time on it, but I think it's a reasonable price, especially for a relatively rare-ish clutch model.

If you go to the Myford website - - and have a look at their pre-owned ML7 lathes you won't even get one as thoroughly rebuilt or specced as this for more than £3000, and half of them aren't even on the original stands, or trays, or raising blocks. You can't buy a used ML10 from them for this price.

And if you look at a Myford Dealer here - - you won't even get half the lathe that this is, for even more money.

Contact details below. The Lathe is near Ipswich in Suffolk, but I have a van and can deliver to you at cost if required, but I'd be happier for you to come and see it first.

E-mail to: - Please put "ML7 For Sale" in the title, or it's in danger of going in the spam folder.


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