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"KRAUSECO" (Ernst Krause & C. Vienna, Austria) Universal Machine Tools

Manufactured by Krause & Co. of Wein, Austria,  the UM2 and UM3 "Krauseco" universal machine tools were once a very popular installation in ships, larger submarines and mobile workshops fitted in the back of trucks and railway wagons. Labelled "Krauseco" - as were all machine tools by the Krause Company - both models were of similar appearance but the smaller UM2 lacked the shaper fitted to the more massive UM3. In many respects, both models mirrored the design of the similar English Adcock & Shipley and Ryder & Son machines.
With a 260 mm centre height and a choice of between centres' capacities from 1000 to 3000 mm, the UM carried a 950 x 220 mm milling machine table while the shaper, offered only on the UM3, had its 250 mm stroke ram arranged to protrude from beneath the line of the milling machine spindle and its workpieces mounted on the same table. Some versions had power-feed to the table, others only a hand feed. As the years passed, the machines became more massive, with heavier stands and a number of improvements to improve rigidity and versatility. The drill, driven by bevel gears from a flat-belt pulley, was originally positioned so that it faced to the left, with jobs having to share the milling table (which, of course, then put that part of the machine out of operation). Later models were modified, with the drill built into the front face of the machine and a separate T-slotted table, mounted on a large diameter column (with either a single or double clamps to lock it in place) used instead.
If you have a Krause Universal, sales catalogues or other literature (or data about the company) the writer will be interested to hear from you..

A later and more heavily-built Krause UM2 with a heavy-duty, power-down-feed drill
and lots of capacity between centres. Note the "Krauseco" badge on the tailstock-end leg

An earlier, lighter Krause UM3 with lathe, horizontal miller, drill and the
incorporation of a shaper beneath the spindle line of the horizontal miller

Krause UM2 combining a screwcutting centre lathe with a horizontal milling machine and drill press

Krause UM3 with the shaper fitted so that, cleverely, its ram protruded from beneath the line of the horizontal milling spindle

An early Krause installed as a mobile workshop in a railway truck. Interestingly, a system of line shafting was built into the roof of the truck (powered from an electric motor that can be seen in the rear left-hand corner) that drove both the universal machine and the pair of grinding wheels on the right. This particular (early) Krause has power feed to the milling machine table and 2 T-slots in each of the lathe's saddle wings so that they could act as a simple boring table.

A typically well-engineered installation on a ship

A later Krause UM3

On this early Krause Universal the bevel drive to the drilling head can just be made out.
Note the dangerously exposed gears driving the leadscrew

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"KRAUSECO" (Ernst Krause & C. Vienna, Austria)
Universal Machine Tools