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The Osborne Lathe
Early Colchester Lathes - Re-badged
Spares, repair parts and Operation and Maintenance Manuals
are available for most Colchester & Clausing Lathes

Bantams Original
   Bantams 800, 1600 & 2000 Modern   Chipmaster   Student 1800   Mascot 1600
Student/Master Mk. 1 & Mk. 2   Student 3100   Master Original 1930s/40s  Master 2500
   Triumph Mk. 1 & Mk. 2   Triumph 2000   Mascot 1950s   Mascot 1914-18  Mastiff 1400  Magnum 
Serial Numbers   Outline of Colchester Range as Text Only   Factory  Testing
Catalogue Covers   Early Drive System
   Colchester 1909/14   Colchester 1919   Colchester 1920s

This 1930 Colchester Master was marketed as the "Osborne", though no trace of this distributor can be found. If you have a similarly-modified Master, the writer would be pleased to hear from you.