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Colchester Chipmaster Lathe - Headstock
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The 15/16" (35 mm) bore headstock spindle ran in Gamet "micro-precision" taper roller bearings (made by anther company in the Colchester group) with the lower part of the speed range obtained through hardened and ground gears. Because the high-speed range was direct by belt, and the comparatively short and rigid spindle so well supported, the lathe had a reputation for being able to produce unusually smooth surface finishes. An American-type D1-3" Camlock nose fitting was used that allowed the lathe spindle to be safely reversed at high speed.

Chipmaster spindle: twin opposed Gamet Micro-precision bearings at the front and a single at the rear. Note the toothed pulley, fitted to a spline on the pulley and used to drive the spindle directly on the high speed range.