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Bridgeport Millers - Serial Numbers
1938 to 2002
Handbooks and Parts Lists are available for most Bridgeport machines
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Horizontal Miller
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Handbooks, Parts Lists and Spares are available for most Bridgeports

The machine Serial Number on US-manufactured examples is stamped into front of the knee casting--not the head (the head numbers are a completely separate series and have nothing to do with machine numbers).
On machines made in the UK by Adcock & Shipley the number should be on a plate inside the column door - the last 4 digits being the date of manufacture.
To find the Serial Number  on US machines, wind the table inwards as far as possible; the sliding guards should move to expose the stamping. The numbers below apply to the Series 1 models. The special and modified machines - such as Synchro-Trace Duplicators, used a different sequence (and some of these may have been converted back into ordinary types).