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Early G. Boley "Bevelled-bed"
Watchmakers' Lathe
- also branded "Telco" -
G.Boley Bevelled-bed Lathe Page 2
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A reproduction of superb 86-page Boley lathe & watchmakers'
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Surprisingly common - well, two turned up within a month of each other during 2009 and a third in 2012 - this G.Boley watchmakers' lathe is believed to take 6.5 mm collets. Stamped "Patent G.Leinen", the bed had a semi-circular base but a triangulated "bevelled" top section. Advertised alongside contemporary and very successful WW and "Geneva" models it was not a design that caught on and vanished from later Boley publicity material. The lathe has also been found in badge-engineered form with one sold as the "Telco" by Bannister Bros. of Hockley Hill in Birmingham, and at least two others, whose details are uncertain, in Europe.
Additional photographs here
If you also have an example of the lathe below, or as similar type, the writer would be interested to hear from you..