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For Sale
Lorch KD50 High-Precision Miniature Lathe

SOLD: Lorch KD50 lathe. I bought this lathe for restoration, but my plans have changed and it's now for sale. Highly desirable in good condition, the tiny and rare KD50 had a centre height of just 50 mm - making it the smallest of the Lorch precision bench lathes. Available in just one bed length of 400 mm, with a between-centres capacity of 185 mm, the spindle has a bore of 8 mm and carries collets with a maximum through bore of 5 mm and a non-through of  7 mm. Offered complete with two tailstocks, the correct Lorch countershaft and a good collection of collets (not all Lorch) the following faults are present:
Motor and headstock pulley have broken rims; cross-slide handle is broken but a non-Lorch part is included; bearing oilers needed; countershaft is slightly bent; top-slide has at some time been repaired; tailstock drawbar knob needs replacing; the headstock drawbar needs some modification; the wiring needs sorting out but the motor is original and works fine - it's 3-phase and has been tested. A previous owner has painted the lathe a dreadful shade of yellow using, it would appear, an old sock. So, this is an ideal Lockdown project; rebuilt and in fine condition these lathe command many thousands of pounds. Offered as-is for £850. Can be packed at shipped at the buyer's expense.
Details of Lorch KD50 lathes here

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