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For Sale Tyme (Multico, Fusso, Teckney)
5-in-1 Multi-function Woodworker

For Sale: Tyme Multi-function wood-working machine consisting of a large-capacity, very heavy-duty lathe, disc sander, router, shaper, drill press and a saw-bench attachment with a support for cutting large sheets. The bed uncouples from the left-hand end and hinges up vertically to become the drill (the drilling quill is included. Powerful 1.5 h.p. single-phase motor with infinitely-variable speeds from 850 to 5,200 r.p.m. Superb build quality with chrome bed bars and appears to have had little use from new. Sanding faceplate, unused saw blades and the original assembly tools are included. A very strong but compact machine mounted on casters for ease of movement. This is the same machine badged, variously, as Multico, Fusso, Teckney and others. £950 A video can be seen here. Phone: 07990-516929 (Brighton) 

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