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For Sale: Myford ML7 Lathe

For Sale: Myford ML7 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and mounted on a good metal stand. I acquired this lathe 10 years ago when I was clearing out my dad's workshop. It was working and in regular use at that time. Since then it has been oiled, covered and stored unused. Although rather scruffy looking, everything moves freely. The motor is a single-phase GEC with a Dewhurst reversing switch. Included with the ML7 is a set of Myford quick-set "boat" tooling, 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, faceplate, tailstock chuck, Morse centres. The headstock bearing drip-feed oilers are new, genuine Myford replacements. £650 Phone: 01787 281100 (Long Melford, Suffolk). Details of Myford ML7 lathes here

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