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For Sale: Warco BH600 Lathe

SOLD: Warco BH600 lathe. 6.5" x 30" with dual metric/inch screwcutting gearbox and power sliding and surfacing feeds. Mounted on the maker's stand with a full-length splashback and chip tray. Little used, in immaculate condition and fitted with a 1-phase motor. This is large-capacity but compact lathe with a 12-speed quiet-running, all-V-belt drive headstock fitted with backgear giving 50 to 1200 r.p.m. The lathe is an example of the very long-established, highly successful and well-specified "generic Taiwanese" type of which details can be found here - this example being improved by the fitting of an electrical control lever on the right-hand face of the apron. Complete with dual inch/metric micrometer feed dials, micrometer dials on the carriage handwheel and tailstock barrel, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a vertical milling slide, fixed steady, faceplate, quick-set toolpost, thread-dial indicator, centres and other accessories. £1250

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