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For Sale
Myford Industrial Stand and an ML7 Lathe

For sale separately:
1) Myford Industrial Stand in excellent condition and in the maker's original paint finish. Complete with electrical switchgear, raiser block and a separate (presumably single-phase) push-button. £450

2) Myford ML7 lathe 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. Complete with 3-jaw chuck, the correct Burnerd half-depth body 6-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, swivelling vertical milling slide of the late 2-bolts-per-axis type, Myford machine vice, fixed steady, genuine Myford indexing 4-way toolpost, faceplate, catchplate, tailstock chuck, single-phase motor. Partially dismantled but appears to be all there, apart from a headstock cover. There ay be other Myford items as well. £650 Phone: 01275-472 949 (Failand).

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