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For Sale
Workshop Clearance

For Sale: Workshop clearance with three machine tools, a part-built, 4.5-inch Burrell traction engine and a mass of small items.

SOLD Colchester Bantam Lathe, Metric, 5" 3 J SC Chuck Bernard, 6" 4 J independent Chuck Cushman, 8" 4 J independent Chuck Bison ( new inbox ), 8" 3 JSC  TOS  ( new in box ), Face plate, Dickson type tool post with 6 holders, 3 - 2 Morse tooling, Fixed and travelling steadies, Rear toolpost. In good order variable speed inverter drive, ( included ). £1500 Phone John on 01392-875877

SOLD Harrison Universal Milling Machine. Vertical head 30 international, Horizontal overarm and bracket, Milling vice, Rotary indexing table. Some 30 int tooling. 3 Axis DRO with only 2 axis fitted, 3rd axis slide supplied not fitted. 240 volts including power x feed. £1250 Phone John on 01392-875877

SOLD Myford VMC Milling Machine. 240 volt, R8 spindle, Myford adapter. Clarkson type holder and 4 collets., 6 off R8 collets 1/8 to 3/4, Jacobs chuck. 2 axis DRO. £1800 Phone John on 01392-875877

SOLD Part Built 4 1/2"  Burrell Traction Engine. Drawings to complete Professionally built steel boiler with original hydraulic certificate CE spec. Rear wheels spokes and strakes riveted. Gear set including differential to complete. £5500 Phone John on 01392-875877 

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