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For Sale
Beaver VBRP Mk.2 Turret Milling Machine

For Sale: Beaver VBRP Turret vertical milling machine (configured exactly like a Bridgeport) complete and in full working order. Driven directly and also though a slow speed backgear for heavier work, the head can be moved in and out, swung on the main column, rotated and nodded. The 10-inch wide table is hardly marked and the longest of the various options at 56 inches; nine rates of power feed are provided with a longitudinal travel of 31.5" in traverse of 14.5" and 14.5 inches vertically. The hardened spindle is fitted with both a fine feed by handwheel and a quick-action lever for drilling with travels of 5.25". Well equipped, accessories include: a 3-axis Digital Read-out, coolant, a full boxed set of ER collets, a number of INT40 cutter and fly-cutter holders, machine vice, a LowVo light unit and a copy of the maker's handbook. £1750 Phone: 07826-735263 (Orkney). Full details of these robust milling machines here

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