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For Sale
Schaublin 70 Precision Lathe

SOLD: Schaublin Model 70 precision miniature lathe. In fine original condition and complete with the maker's countershaft drive system and integral "overhead" system for driving toolpost-mounted high-speed milling and grinding spindles. Included with the lathe are a screw-feed compound slide-rest assembly; three Swiss-made 3-jaw chucks for spindle mounting - two 3-jaw with one a ring-scroll type the other key operated and one 6-jaw chuck; two tailstocks, one lever action and the other with micrometer dial and two spindles standard and the other with a Morse taper socket; a large set of collets and collet drawer bar; Centring microscope (Part No. 70-89-500) and bed-mounted adjustable microscope holder (Part No. 70-89.050); fixed steady; grinding carriage (Schaublin Part No. 7-51) fitted with a screw-feed slide; a ball-turning tool slide; a high-speed grinding and miller-cutter head; hand T-rest; large faceplate with radial slots and tapped holes; two tailstock precision keyless rotating centres; saw-holding arbor; oil gun and two of the maker's standard toolposts (the superb Tripan holder shown is not included - but will be available at extra cost when I've finished one or two clock jobs). 3-phase motor so ideal for conversion to inverter-driven, variable-speed drive. £1950 Details of Schaublin 70 lathes here

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